The Word for January 26: Follow


In his 52 Words sermon series, Steve talks about the word follow this week, as he examines the story of Jesus calling the disciples, from Matthew 4:18-22. Here are some ideas to engage your child before, during and after worship.

During worship….

  • Can you draw a picture of Jesus fishing with the disciples?
  • Fishing requires strong hands. Trace your child’s hand, and have them color it in with pictures of fish, or lots of followers of Jesus.
  • Draw all the different places you go where you can follow Jesus, and be a disciple. (school, home, teams, stores, where else?)
  • How many times do you hear the words follow, followedfollowing or follower in the sermon? (Show your young child how to make tally marks.)

tally marks

Before or after worship….

  • Talk about times you find it hard to follow Jesus. Talk about times you find it easier. How does coming to worship help you follow Jesus?
  • Play follow the leader. Then talk about things Jesus did and how we might follow him as the leader. (Look through a picture Bible for some ideas: helping people, talking about God, loving everyone, etc.)
  • See the stained glass from another church below. Can you find any fish or boats in our sanctuary windows?

fishing stained glass

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