The Word for February 2: Kingdom

In his 52 Words sermon series, Steve talks about the word kingdom this week. We will hear the Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5:1-12. Jesus says “Blessed are the meek…the merciful….the peacemakers….(and more)….for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Here are some ideas to engage your child before, during and after worship.

(Remember that Kindergartners registered in our worship workshop series are invited to visit the Celebrate service this Sunday to watch the first part of worship, then move to Providence Hall to talk about what they heard and saw. For more info contact Kristal by Friday at

During worship….

  • Have your child draw the Kingdom of heaven. What will it look like?
  • Draw a picture of Jesus as a King.
  • Show these two kinds of crowns, and have your child draw them both. Or you draw the crowns, and have them add people (Jesus?) under them. Do they know who wore the crown of thorns?

crown costume crown of thorns

  • Can you find any crowns in our sanctuary windows?
  • How many times do you hear the words king, or kingdom in the sermon? (Show your young child how to make tally marks.)

tally marks

Before or after worship talk about….

  • In the Lord’s Prayer we pray: “for thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory….” What do you imagine God’s kingdom will be like? How is worship like that? Talk about it as a family.
  • What is a good king like? How is Jesus like this?
  • The Sermon on the Mount is a little like the State of the Union address. A President talks about what the country should look like. Jesus is talking about what the world will look like in God’s kingdom.
  • With older children: compare the following beatitude lists (from Carolyn Brown at :

In today’s world…

  • It’s good for the rich, they can buy whatever they want.
  • It’s good for the strong, they can take whatever they want.  They will also make the team.
  • It’s good for the winners, they get all the prizes.
  • It’s good for the smart.  They get straight A’s, get to go to college, and get good jobs.
  • It’s good for the beautiful.  They will get their pictures in magazines and get to be in movies.
  • It’s good for the grownups.  They get to make all the plans.

Jesus says that in his kingdom

  • It’s good for those who know they do not know everything.  They belong in God’s world.
  • It’s good for those who are terribly sad.  They will be comforted.
  • It’s good for those who obey.  They will be in charge.
  • It’s good for those who don’t get justice now.  They WILL get it.
  • It’s good for those who forgive and care about others.  God forgives and cares about them.
  • It’s good for those who are pure in heart.  They will see God.
  • It’s good for the peacemakers.  They will be praised as God’s own children.
  • It’s good for those who are hurt because they stand up for God’s ways. They will be called heroes and heroines.
  • It’s even good for you when people come after you because you follow me.  You will be rewarded.

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