The Word for February 9: Salt

T140209-Sermon-Salt-flascreen-fullhis week we hear about the word SALT from Matthew 5:3. Your children might think this is a funny word for a sermon….isn’t salt what we put on our food? Why would we need to talk about salt in worship? When Jesus told stories he used examples from real-life, with ideas and objects everyone could understand. He talked about sheep and coins and bread. In his Sermon on the Mount he said, “You are the salt of the earth; but if salt has lost its taste, how can its saltiness be restored?” Here are some ideas to explore with your child before, during, and after worship.

During worshipsalt

  • Draw a salt shaker for your child. Have them draw inside it people showing love to others.
  • With a pen or pencil place dots of “SALT” all over a piece of paper. Invite your child to connect the dots. Can they connect dots into a picture of Jesus? Of the earth? Of a heart? Of followers of Jesus? What can they draw that reminds them of this sermon idea?
  • Show your young child how to make tally marks. How many times do they hear the word salt or salty during the sermon?

tally marks

Before or after worship…..

  • Talk about what salt does for food. Try unsalted chips, popcorn, or an unsalted pretzel, then try them with salt. What does the salt add? (Seasoning, taste, spice, goodness!) What do you think it means that followers of Jesus are to be the salt of the earth? How can we add seasoning and goodness? (By showing love to others. How do we do that?)
  • Did you have to put salt out on your driveway or steps when it snowed recently? Explain to your child how that kind of salt melts ice. Ask: How can followers of Jesus be salt like that? (We can melt away hatred and unkindness.) Can you think of specific examples together?
  • Try this fun art project with salt and watercolors while you talk about worship together. (Note: a small paintbrush works as well as an eyedropper.)

  • Older children (readers) may enjoy this praise song video: “Salt & Light.”

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