The Word for April 13: Donkey

It’s Palm Sunday! This week Steve helps us think about the word DONKEY from the story of Jesus entering Jerusalem in Matthew 21: 1-11. Jesus came as a king, in a triumphal parade, but not like any king the people had ever seen before. Instead of a fine stallion, he rode in on a humble donkey. What does this tell us about Jesus? Here are some ideas to explore with your child before, during, and after worship.


During worship

  • Look for palms waving! In Celebrate children will be invited to take a palm branch. At 8:45 in the Sanctuary we will look for some families to join an informal palm processional during the opening hymn. Meet in the narthex if you want to join! At 11:00 Sanctuary our Alpha and Omega choirs will wave palm branches on the way in. Imagine with your child….what if Jesus rode in to church on a donkey today? What would you do?
  • Check in the worship bags for a Worship Word sheet for your child. Fill in the worship word at the top (donkey) and add the date and your child’s name. Below is space for your child to draw something he or she hears today in the sermon, in the music, or in a prayer.
  • Below the drawing space, your child is invited to make tally marks every time they hear the word “donkey.” tally marks
  • On the back is a blank page for your child to make some worship art. Encourage them to draw something related to worship as a gift to God. I would love to see what they create, if they want to share!


Before or after worship…..

  • Read the story of Jesus entering Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. Look for it in a children’s story Bible. Talk together about how excited the people were to see Jesus coming. Waving branches and spreading cloaks on the ground was something they would do when a king came to town.
  • Talk together with your child: How is Jesus a king? Look back at the Word for February 2nd: Kingdom and try some of those activities if you missed them the first time around. See the pictures of the two different crowns, and have your child draw a picture of two different kinds of kings.

crown of thorns crown costume


  • View an animated version of Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey:

<p><a href=”″>God’s Story: Palm Sunday</a> from <a href=””>Crossroads Kids' Club</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

  • Here’s another video, this time it’s a Palm Sunday scene along with other scenes from the life of Jesus from The Visual Bible. Can you and your child recognize any of the other events?
  • There are endless Palm Sunday crafts you can try at home. Here’s a fun one to use for a parade at home.


Finally, check out our website, and our Facebook page to learn about all our Holy Week activities for Children and Families here. Start here.


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