The Word for June 8: Spirit

Spirit-graphics-flascreen-fullJoin us in worship this week as we consider the word SPIRIT. Our Scripture passage is the story of the Holy Spirit coming to the disciples in the Pentecost passage in Acts 2. After Jesus had ascended into heaven, his disciples waited for his promise of the Spirit. It came in a dramatic fashion during a holiday weekend. Here are some ideas to explore with your child before, during, and after worship.


During worship

  • Check out the worship bulletin notes in the margins. Children are invited to consider the birthday of the church. When the Holy Spirit descended with fire and wind, the followers of Jesus were gifted with inspiration and power to carry the message of the gospel into the world. Have your child write or draw ways they think the church should celebrate its birthday. What would a birthday cake look like? What kind of party should we throw?
  • The color of Pentecost in the church is RED! Can your child notice red in the worship space? Who is wearing red? Why would the color be red? (The fire.)
  • Check in the worship bags for a Worship Word sheet for your child. Fill in the worship word at the top (spirit) and add the date and your child’s name. Below is space for your child to draw something he or she hears today in the sermon, in the music, or in a prayer.
  • Below the drawing space, your child is invited to make tally marks every time they hear the word “spirit.” tally marks
  • On the back is a blank page for your child to make some worship art. Encourage them to draw something related to worship as a gift to God. I would love to see what they create, if they want to share!


Before or after worship…..

  • Celebrate the birthday of the church at home! Who doesn’t love a birthday party? Make cupcakes, or a pick up a cake at the store. Ask your child to make a sign with the color red, that says “Happy Birthday Church!” Sing Happy Birthday, and talk about what gifts each of you can give the church….sing in worship? Make promises to babies when they are baptized? Bring food for the first Sunday Food Drive? Pass the peace of Christ with someone you don’t know?
  • One of the parts of this story that is wonderful is how the Spirit allowed the gospel message to be heard in many languages. Does your family know people in other parts of the world? Find them on a world map. What languages are spoken in those places? What can you find out about the church in those countries? If you want some places to start, look up the countries where our church has mission partnerships: Congo, Malawi, El Salvador, Hungary, and Cuba. Check out pictures of Fred the Mission Monkey visiting some of those places (doing local mission) here.
  • Here’s a brief video from Busted Halo, a Catholic organization: Pentecost in Two Minutes. Enjoy!


Finally, check out our website, and our Facebook page to learn about all our activities for Children and Families here. Start here.


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