The Word for June 28: Sin

SinJoin us in worship as we consider the word SIN. We’ll hear scripture from Genesis 2: 15-17, where God places the man and the woman in the garden of Eden, and instructs them not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. (They had a hard time with that instruction….) We will also hear Romans 3: 21-26 which includes the words: “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Here are some ideas to explore with your child before, during, and after worship.

During worship

  • Check out the worship bulletin notes in the margins. Every Sunday in worship we confess our sin, and hear words of forgiveness. The consistency of that rhythm -confession and forgiveness – is a powerful ritual in worship. Talk with your child about this part of worship. We tell God about our sin, the things we are sorry about, and we ask God to forgive us. And God always does! The words we say together are just the beginning. Invite your child during this time to think about the things they want to tell God about. What have they done that might make God sad? Share with them what you need to confess. Remind them that all of us sin….moms, dads, kids, ministers, everybody! Children are invited to draw or write their own prayer of confession in the bulletin margin.
  • Check in the worship bags for a Worship Word sheet for your child. Fill in the worship word at the top (sin) and add the date and your child’s name. Below is space for your child to draw something he or she hears today in the sermon, in the music, or in a prayer.
  • Below the drawing space, your child is invited to make tally marks every time they hear the worship word.tally marks
  • On the back is a blank page for your child to make some worship art. Encourage them to draw something related to worship as a gift to God. I would love to see what they create, if they want to share!

Before or after worship…..Big Mistake

“It’s part of being human to make mistakes. As much as we want to do the right thing, we just can’t be perfect all the time. We often end up doing things that hurt others, and things that make us feel bad. If you’ve made a big mistake, these activities can help!

  1. The apostle Paul, one of the most important people in the whole Bible wrote, “But I do not do the thing I want, but the very thing I do not want!” Romans 7:19.
    1. The story of the Bible tells us that God loves us no matter how many mistakes we make. God comes to be with us even in the worst of our mistakes. Jesus uses a story to tell us what God’s love is like.
    2. Read the story of the prodigal son in Luke 15:11-32 and talk about it with a grown-up.
    • What big mistakes does the son make?
    • What would you expect the father to feel? To do?
    • What does the father do instead?
    • What does this story tell us about God’s love?
  2. We know that God loves us no matter what we do. Here are some ideas that can help us remember God’s love for us, help us feel better when we’ve made a mistake, and help us mend relationships that we’ve hurt.
    1. Confess
    2. Throughout the history of the church, people have used the practice of confession and absolution to remind themselves of God’s love. Try this prayer of confession, and hear the words of God’s forgiveness.
      1. Dear God, I’m sorry for ____________________________. Please forgive me, and help me to be the kind of person you made me to be.
      2. Apologize
      3. When we make a mistake, we often hurt the people we love the most. In an apology of action, we show the person we love that we are sorry, and we do something that could help us mend our relationship. And, an apology of action can help us feel better too! Here are some examples of an apology of action…
      4. If you broke something, fix it.
      • If you made a mess, clean it up.
      • If you took something, give it back.
      • If you left someone out, do something special with them.
      • If you said something hurtful, say something kind.
      1. Put it in Perspective
      2. Sometimes we forget that everyone makes mistakes. When we make a mistake that’s embarrassing, it can help to remember that we all do things that are embarrassing! Watch these Disney bloopers and see if they help you laugh at your own mistakes (see below).”
  • Here is the video the above activity references. Bloopers from Disney. A humorous way to remember that we ALL make mistakes…. Enjoy!

Finally, check out our website, and our Facebook page to learn about all our activities for Children and Families here. Start here.


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