September’s Story: Creation

In September in Sunday School, children will focus on the story of Creation. Did you know that there are actually two versions of the Creation story in Genesis? The first, from Genesis 1:1-2:3, describes an orderly progression of creation, with God speaking a word, and a magnificent world unfolding. God calls everything “good,” including humans, who are created in God’s image. Finally, God rests on the seventh day, setting it aside as holy. The second Creation story, from 2:4- 25, has a different order of creation, and spends more time on the creation of human beings, animated by the breath of God. In both stories, the focus is on a loving powerful God, who is intimately connected with creation. This month, find the Creation story in a storybook Bible, and read it with your child.

Children ask wonderful questions about God, and creation. Here is the advice I gave Sunday School teachers this month:

If kids ask hard questions, give thanks! It means they are engaging with the story! Here are thoughts from one lesson we drew from in crafting this (Sunday School) rotation: “People have always pondered the mystery of Creation. Why do I exist? What is the meaning of life?  How did the universe come into being? Children are especially full of questions. Why is the sky blue? Why did God make giraffes?  And a KEY question that nearly every child asks at some point…. If God made everything, who made God?  (Here’s a good answer for that question:  “Nobody.  That’s who God is – the One who started it all, the One who made you and me and everything! God just is. God has always been. God always will be.”)

We all have questions. We don’t always have answers.…. Accept that we won’t have answers to all of our questions, for God is bigger than we and God’s ways are not our ways. Embrace the mystery! Celebrate the wonder!” (from Kirk of Kildaire rotation lesson on Creation)

Here are some ideas from this month’s Spark Creation Family Page to explore with your child.

  • Family Conversations: What is your favorite thing that God created? Why do we like to create things? What do you like to create? What was the wind like today? Yesterday? How does our family help God take care of creation?
  • For families to do together: Draw pictures or take photos of beautiful things in God’s creation. Make a poster, bulletin board, or notebook of the images. Then have fun pretending that you are Adam/Eve and give creative “new names” to the beautiful creations! Or…Play Creation Charades. Each member of the family writes the name of something God created on a slip of paper. Mix the papers in a bowl. Each person picks a slip of paper and acts out the creation. Family members guess the item, and name two ways to care for it!
  • For younger kids: Go for a walk around your neighborhood and pick up trash to help care for God’s creation.
  • For more great ideas, click on the Creation Family Page link above.

Make the most of your time during worship, with your child.

  • Check out the worship bulletin notes in the margins. There is a Children’s Note each week.
  • Check in the worship bags for a Worship Word sheet for your child. Fill in the worship word of the day at the top and add the date and your child’s name. Below is space for your child to draw something he or she hears today in the sermon, in the music, or in a prayer.
  • Below the drawing space, your child is invited to make tally marks every time they hear the worship word.tally marks
  • On the back is a blank page for your child to make some worship art. Encourage them to draw something related to worship as a gift to God. I would love to see what they create, if they want to share!

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