Lenten Practice – February 19

I forgot already. School delay here, and my day off, so I slept a little later than usual. Reached for my phone to check the weather, then ended up checking email, then Facebook. All this before I even thought about the Lenten Practices Calendar, which for today, suggests fasting from TV and screens except for homework. Whoops. And now I am on my computer typing up this post…..(which I am counting as homework.) All before breakfast.

If you are following the calendar for your Lenten discipline, know that there is grace. All the way through Lent, there is grace. Thanks be to God for that! Use the suggestions in a way that works for you. My goal today, on this first Lenten fast day, is not to reach unthinkingly for my phone to mindlessly scroll and check things. If I want to know the temperature again on this record cold day, I’ll go outside instead of check the weather app. If I have something to tell a friend, I’ll call instead of text. Lent bowl phone

I set up a Lent prayer space at home, as a visual reminder. In the empty bowl, I am keeping my phone, at least while I am at home today. When I feel myself itching to pick it up, I’ll stop and give thanks to God for something instead: technology, friends, a warm house, a day off. If you are practicing Lent with children this season, how can you help them go without screens today? Might be a good day to bake something together, or dust off a board game. Lenten peace be with you today!

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