Lenten Practice – March 1

litterbugOur Lenten practice today is to pick up litter outside our house or at a park. Even with slush on the ground, is there a way to carry out this service idea? Try this idea adapted from Vibrant Faith at Home as you work on it as a family.

Say this prayer aloud to begin: Creator God, thank you for all you have created and for this opportunity to spend time in your creation today. Help us to take good care of it. Amen.

Walk together through your neighborhood or a local park. Collect trash as you walk and talk, taking care to be safe in what you collect.

Have your child share about what they love about spending time in nature. Some prompting questions can be:

  • What is it like to live in the middle of God’s creation (nature and other people)?
  • What is something you have learned about creation when you’ve been outside?
  • When have you experienced something new in creation (sleeping outside, seeing stars, hiking, swimming).
  • What have you learned about God as creator?

Read aloud Psalm 148 (click here). Discuss these questions:

  • What does this Psalm teach us about God as creator?
  • Pick Up TrashHow can we praise God as our creator at home?

Close in prayer: Almighty God, we praise you for your glorious works, and for how the earth you created feeds us and clothes us and provides for us. Help us to praise you with our hands and our minds and our hearts as we work to protect all that points us to you. (The Green Bible Devotional, HarperOne, 2009).

Read a reflection from one Catholic mom on why she lets her kids pick up trash.

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