Lenten Practice – March 2

Spirit-graphics-flascreen-fullDid you know that our church has a weekly time of centering prayer? On most Wednesdays from noon to 12:30, a small group of people gather, usually in the prayer chapel just off the sanctuary, and pray together. They hear a scripture, and a brief reading, then share a few thoughts with each other based on the reading. Then a timer is set for 20 minutes, and they pray in silence. It sounds wonderful to some people, and terribly frightening to others!

The practice of contemplative prayer can include focus on one particular word. Today our Lenten practice is to pray about the word SPIRIT. Though I’m still a beginner at it, and an irregular attendee, when I can go I often use Spirit as the word I think about during the 20 minutes of silence.  You are welcome to come try it any Wednesday!

In the meantime, trying a breath prayer is a simpler and shorter way to pray, focusing on a word or phrase. Read about it here, and try it with your children, using our word for the day.

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