Stewardship for Children and Families

Want ideas for talking with children about stewardship? Start with a video explaining what stewardship is.

Make a list with your child of some of the things you and your family spend your money on (like John does in the video.) Remember together that all of it belongs to God, and you are a steward of it (which means you take care of it.) How are you responsible for the gifts God has given your family? What are some new ideas about using God’s gifts in your family?


Many parents find a three-fold model of money helpful as a way to encourage faithfulness with their children. Save some, spend some, share some. Children can do their sharing as a pledge to the church (using offering envelopes), or as money put in the offering plate each week for our dedicated offering. Watch together this video as a child explains how he uses his money in this way. The good part starts about 30 seconds in.

Think: Read a Bible story about giving. Luke 21:1-4 A Widow Gives All or John 6:1-14 Feeding the 5000. Talk together: What do these stories tell us about giving? Ask your child: What gifts has God given to you? As a family, we give some of God’s gifts back, to say thank you, and to help others. Talk about some ways our offering money helps others.

Pray: Dear God, Thank you for all the gifts you have given me. I am grateful for…… (both parent and child name gifts here.) Please help me be a cheerful giver, and share what I have.  In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

Respond: How will your child respond? Set up a plan to give back to God, both financially and in gifts of time and talent.

Download lots more info here including a look at how children of different ages understand money and stewardship, books to read with children, and how to raise generous children in a materialistic world.

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