Good Friday and Holy Saturday with Children

holy week clipIt’s difficult to know how to navigate these days. School and culture have us hiding eggs and stocking up on chocolate bunnies. At church we have reached our most solemn day of the church year as we recall the cross and death of Jesus. How do you observe it as a family, with children of varying ages?

My best suggestion: Stop by the church today to walk through the Holy Week Prayer stations in the Parlor.

Want more, or ideas for how to prepare for Easter at home or on vacation? Try these links:

Lenten Practice – March 8th

paperwhiteOur Lenten practice today is to pray about the word PATIENCE. That’s a difficult one for most of us. Our world gets faster and we get used to having things NOW. Patience truly takes practice. As you pray today, take some slow, deep breaths. Slow down.

What can you do with your child together today that encourages patience? Consider planting a bulb that can slowly bloom over the next few weeks. Look here for instructions on planting an amaryllis bulb with children. Narcissus paperwhites are also good for spring blooming indoors. It will take several weeks, depending on the type. What a beautiful way to practice patience during Lent as we prepare for Easter.

Lenten Practice – March 3rd

Lenten prayer space

Our invitation today is to fast from toys that require batteries or electricity. What does that mean to you as the adult in the family? What are your toys? While you and your child figure it out, consider spending some unplugged time together preparing or enhancing a Lenten prayer space at home that you can use through the rest of this season. Click here for ideas from BuildingFaith.