Lenten Practice – February 18


Today is Ash Wednesday, the day we begin our  Lenten journey to the cross, and to Easter. These six weeks can be a time of reflection and growing faith for all ages.

Our Lenten Practices Calendar invites us to begin with prayer, using the word “Hope.”  How will you and your family pray today? Consider these ideas:

  • Say a short prayer out loud, with each person adding one thing he or she hopes for during Lent.Or draw it.
  • Write a prayer, starting each line with the letters H-O-P-E.
  • Look for and snap a picture today of something that reminds you of Hope. Is there somewhere you can post it with the hashtag #mppclent2015 ?
  • Print out the Hope coloring page here and pray as you color.
  • Join us for our Ash Wednesday evening worship tonight at 6:30 pm in the sanctuary, and pray for hope there.

Blessings on your Lent practice as a family.